Our Journey Toward Health Equity


Bringing you world-class care from around the globe, 十大正规网赌软件确实是一个多样性和个性的挂毯.

At Valley Medical Center, 我们非常自豪地拥有一支非常多元化的专业团队,致力于为我们的患者及其家属提供卓越的护理. 我们的医院区服务的居民讲100多种不同的语言, 因此,我们积极寻求员工的多样性,以最好地照顾我们的病人和家属. 文化多样性不仅仅是服装和语言的差异,它还包括不同的思维方式, managing and communicating. 多样性是指向拥有不同经历和背景的人学习, 为有相似或不同经历的人提供支持和尊重, and creating an encouraging workplace that welcomes new opinions. 

Improving our culture of healthcare equity

谷庆祝我们的员工和社区的多样性,并认识到这是至关重要的,以创造公平的文化,积极影响那些我们服务的健康和福祉. We set bones, we mend hearts, we prevent disease, 我们把人们从死亡边缘拉回来,让他们回到家人身边, and sometimes we help them say good-bye. As caregivers, 我们肩负着以身作则的巨大责任,因为我们的服务区域是华盛顿州人口最多样化的地方. 我们认真对待这一责任,并努力成为一个促进理解和归属感的包容性组织. 我们要求我们的每个照顾者和社区中的每个人挑战存在于我们内心的个人偏见, 为我们所服务和雇用的不同群体成为平等大使, and care for all in our community like family.

Pledge from senior leadership

硅谷的高层领导,与公平,多元化合作 & Inclusion Committee, 承诺努力成为一个反种族主义组织,帮助黑人建立更美好的未来, 我们雇用的土著和有色人种(BIPOC)社区成员, 提供照顾和那些我们需要建立信任来提供照顾的人. 这一承诺包括消除对有色人种的系统性歧视, LGBTQ+社区和其他边缘化人群是我们多元化社区的服务对象. WE stand together. WE stand strong. WE are Valley. 

What are we doing at Valley?

Caregiver Commitment: Each Valley employee signs an annual pledge to uphold Valley’s mission, vision, values and commitment, which includes treating all with respect, compassion and in a way that meets their needs.

Caregiver Affinity & Learning Groups: Five affinity groups—Black, Indigenous, People of Color Affinity Group; White EDI Advocacy Learning Group; Mental Health Affinity Group; United EDI Advocacy Learning Group; and LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group-- meet for monthly conversations to identify areas for improvement toward becoming a more inclusive, equitable, and safe place to work and receive care for ALL at Valley. Our affinity group goals are to educate ourselves and each other about discrimination; build a common language toolkit so we can safely and effectively discuss discrimination; learn and practice skills to confront discriminatory behavior in the workplace and in our personal lives.

Leadership & Staff Training:
 十大正规网赌软件的领导团队正在确定系统性种族主义方面需要改进的领域, prejudice, discrimination, and other barriers for underrepresented or underserved communities. As we identify areas of greatest need, 实施培训计划以满足这些需求,并培训领导和员工.

Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC)PFAC与Valley的医疗团队成员合作,为患者和家属提供如何改善患者和家庭体验的指导. 作为PFAC进程的一部分,病人和家属被邀请参加医院委员会. 这有助于确保消费者的观点和观点不仅被听到, 同时还融入了服务和质量的改进设计,以确保高质量, patient-centered care. 


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: Press Releases & Community News Links